• Lubrication of the Joints
  • Calming for the Nerves
  • Increased circulation
  • Increased levels of Stamina through the day
  • Better, Sleep at Night

Note :- First clean your hand with clean water and then dip your finger tips into the green warm oil and apply it lightly and gently to the affected area said by us. The oil should be absorbed by the skins. Then message gently applying gentle pressure with your whole hand palm & fingers.

Oil :- Circular motions over affected area and straight gentle strokes on for lower back and said area. After message for 15 to 20 minutes, letting the message do their magic. Immediately take hot water fermantation for 5 minutes. Do the same twice a day.

It is medicated with herbals, it helps in relieving muscular spasms and has ability to strengthen and prevents degeneration of bones and cartilages.


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